Uniquely Simple– Tiny Optical, Big Savings for friends and family. Taylor, Arizona Lacey Lee Owens, L.D.O. ***** Phone  575-578-3087 *****

Where is Dr. Lee? 

                                      * A “Concierge call-first clinic”   Taylor, Arizona. Serving the entire White Mountain area of Arizona


Ever wish you had a relative or friend in the eye care field? Someone you can trust to find you the best eyewear AND save your paycheck? Well if you live in the White Mountains of Arizona, you just may have that friend!

Hi, I’m Lacey Lee Owens, a licensed cosmetologist AND licensed optician. I have a unique background being licensed in both cosmetology and opticianry; making you look your best and see your best. Helping you find just the right frame, even if its not from me, AND giving you the best ophthalmic certified lenses for clear, crisp vision. My services are primarily for friends who want one-to-one attention, advice, and save a bundle on real eyeglasses and contacts.




        call  575 – 578 – 3087         




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