Q & A

Where is Dr. Lee?

After almost 35 years of practice, Dr. Lee has now retired, well… kind of. For certain select friends and family he continues to maintain his eye and vision CME certification and license to practice.

Dr. Lee has agreed to provide “Mini-Clinic” services for patients of EyeDeal Optical on a limited, “as-needed” basis, and with a referral from Lacey Owens, L.D.O. 

All patients are encouraged to maintain annual visits and full comprehensive care with their established primary optometrist or ophthalmologist. This is especially true for insured patients. If a refraction (eyeglass/contact lens testing) was not done, or a patient desires a second opinion, Rx update, or needs a specific test, Dr. Lee can help.

Call Lacey  575 – 578 – 3087 for appointment and more information. 

Although I think Dr. Lee provides the best, most precise refractions (eyeglass and contact lens testing), I honor ALL valid prescriptions even if from an out-of-state doctor.


What is a “Call First clinic”?

“Call First” has a dual meaning.

(1) Your first call, when you have questions or eye care needs, should be EyeDeal Optical.

(2) Since this tiny clinic is not necessarily for the general public and is primarily for my friends, the optical is open only when you call me first, kind of like a concierge practice.

When you call me, I’ll try to work around your schedule. I am a mother of two young boys so scheduling around their needs can be interesting. That’s one reason I try to limit my optical to friends only. They tend to be more understanding. My friends benefit by getting huge savings on ALL eyewear AND  genuine personal attention.

Most people have heard of concierge medicine. Its a type of practice that limits the number of patients that a provider services. Typically only the rich and famous can afford this type of care. They call, and the doctor or other provider, is there FOR THEM and no one else. No crowds, no waiting room full of other people waiting for help. The patient gets 100% attention.  Well that’s EyeDeal Optical, but without the high cost of a concierge practice. In fact, you you’ll pay far less than any retail store, doctor’s office or any other licensed optician. I’ll respect your need for information during consultations. I’ll help you understand all your lens options and why its so important to get real, certified lenses.  Ill help you find that special frame, EVEN IF ITS NOT FROM ME. Call me, I am here for you.


How do I get on Lacey’s friends list?

If you are a Facebook friend you’re probably already on my list. My philosophy really is… friends helping friends. 

Too often the general public feels they are “entitled”, deserving of privileges and one-sided treatment at the expense of the feelings and emotions of those that are trying to help. We’ve all seen it. That person who thinks that if they scream, throw in a few swear words, throw a tantrum, become demanding, they will be the “winner”.  That kind of individual is NOT on my list. My friends tend to be kind, gentle, and considerate. And I want to reward that kind of person.

So my friends, if you are on my list, you now have a friend in the business with all the benefits and savings of having that trusted friend in the eye care field. To make sure you’re on my friends list, just call or text me…  575-578-3087.

Yes I do accept referrals from friends, IF that person is of the same caliber as my friends.