Re-Lens your old frame?

Ever ask an online eyeglass store to use your own frame? Won’t happen; they want as much profit as possible. How about a discount store? Notice how quick they are to push you into buying one of their frames? A doctor’s office? Maybe? It depends on the mood of the sales person.  Sometimes it really isn’t a good idea to put lenses into an old frame. Yet quite often frames can be re-used, especially metal frames. If you would like premium certified lenses custom cut and edged to your favorite old frame (or any other frame you have). Let me know. I’ll give you my honest professional opinion. No sales push here.

General rules for success: 

(1) Plastic frames can become too brittle to safely re-lens. This is especially true of cheap plastic. Even higher-quality plastic frames can become brittle at around 3 years. Sometimes the lab is successful in inserting the lenses, only to have the frame snap a few days or weeks later. Be cautious in using old plastic frames.

 (2) Inspect metal frames for corrosion and cracked temple covers (plastic part at end of ear piece). Metal should still have adequate tensile strength to maintain adjustments. Try to avoid any frame with a chipped or flaked surface. With cheap frames this can expose toxic metals below the surface.

(3) Does the frame still fit and hold its position? How easy is it to adjust for comfort?