ALL YOUR LENS OPTIONS. I use only real high-end ophthalmic lenses made by certified independent Lab. Near net-wholesale pricing.

     FRAME SEARCHES. I’ll help you find the frame you want. You can order from my suppliers or I can help you find one online.

     RE-LENS YOUR OWN FRAME.  Use your old frame or get a new one?  Use an old frame for a different purpose?  I’ll help you decide. 

   Rx PREVIEW before your buy. Bring your eyeglass prescription. With a special pre-view frame you can see what your vision will be, at  all distances, BEFORE YOU PAY ANYTHING. This service is a FREE service for all EyeDeal eyeglass orders. 

Mini-Clinic. Eyeglass and Contact Lens testing. Second opinions, updates, emergency checks. Medical consult and initial treatment for allergies, red-eye, etc. Glaucoma pressure checks.  Low fees!  Dr. Lee’s fees are not-for-profit. Fees are used for supplies, operating expenses, and to help cover the cost of maintaining his license. Dr. Lee’s services are reserved for select friends, family, and Lacey Owen referrals only. Call or text Lacey ( 575-578-3087 )for more information or to schedule and appointment with Dr. Lee

Vision and Learning

MYOPIA Reduction Local Monitoring 

Barnet Dulaney Perkins