AMD Nutraceuticals

“Nutraceuticals” are specially designed nutritional supplements, made in high enough dosages and/or in specific combinations, to effect desired changes in the human body.


STOP   Age-related Macular Degeneration  (AMD) ?

Supplements play a key role in preventing and reducing damage from AMD.  A good brand of Lutein (made from Marigold) is  Solaray Brand Lutein Eyes® 18mg or 24mg Available at many healthfood stores.

Note: Plant-based Lutein appears to be abosrbed better when taken with a meal and with some fat intake. This suggests that you may get better absorption by taking Lutein (and Zeaxanthin??) at the sametime as your Omega-3 (Fish Oil) supplement.


Good Zeaxanthin-only supplements are difficult to find. We are currently recommending the once-daily, 10 mg formula by EyePromise. Note: Instead of taking two different supplements. We suggest using the Zeaxanthin + Lutein supplement shown below.

Diagnosed with Macular Degeneration? Start with Zeaxanthin + Lutein  combination supplement from EyePromise.   Zeaxanthin + LuteinTo order Zeaxanthin+Lutein directly from EyePromise ®, Click Here.  For a reduced price AND free shipping register and include the Dr. Referal Code:  10968.  To order by phone….   866-833-2800     If you order by phone please tell them you are a patient of Dr. Lee in TAYLOR, AZ and give them the code 10968 to qualify for reduced price and free shipping.



 If you have a family history of AMD or are starting to show signs of AMD development, we recommend the supplement called  MacuHealth®.  To learn more about this product you can visit or     To  ORDER click on this direct order link >>>>   If you are one of our patients, and order by phone ( 866-704-0845), please give them MacuHealth referral code 10900,

As our patient, we will customize dosages and suggest combination of supplements depending upon your current eye health status and genetic disposition.


ARE YOU ON PRESCRIPTION BLOOD THINNERS?  See important information below…

These lutein supplements are generally considered SAFE  for those on blood thinners (such as Coumadin, Plavix, asprin, etc).

Lutein is found in many foods. However some sources, such as leafy green vegetables also contain vitamin K. Vitamin K is contraindicated for patients taking a prescription blood thinner. Lutein supplements such as MacuHealth® , Eye Restore®, and Eye Promise® contain little to no vitamin K and are considered safe  for those on blood thinners.

High levels of fish oil may also be of concern for those on prescription blood thinners. Excessive fish oil intake  may actually INCREASE blood thinning. Again, the above mentioned Lutein supplements contain very little fish oil and are not at levels that raise any concern.